FOMO is the first ever Falmouth Art Publishing Fair.

Happening over the weekend of 29 September –  1 October 2017 

Taking place at Falmouth Art Gallery@FalmouthArtGall 

FOMO Falmouth Art Publishing Fair event celebrates and explores experimental art publishing practices.

FOMO Falmouth Art Publishing Fair is a collaborative project organised by staff from the Falmouth School of Art in collaboration with Falmouth Art Gallery and Library.

About FOMO 

#writing = #arting @FOMOJOY

Fear Of Missing Out implies anxiety associated with contemporary modes of communication, the profusion of cultural events made possible by a supposed diversification and democratising of media channels. FOMO implies its converse (JOMO), a joy associated with missing out, the potential of community-building on a micro or local level, in the means and in the relationships most ready to hand.

The fair provides opportunities for display, sale and distribution of artists’ publications of all kinds: editions, pamphlets, broadsheets, posters, leaflets, newspapers, journals, artists’ books, zines, stickers, audio recordings and other less easily definable publications. Proposals including newly published works are particularly encouraged.

FOMO Falmouth Art Publishing Fair will include:  exhibitors stands, installationspublic readings, presentations and performances in various spaces within the venue, including the galleries, meeting room, library and foyer.

Fear Of Missing Out & Joy Of Missing Out 2017 themes include: 

Mend, Repair and Erotic Hot-Wiring

Disobedience and Dissent

Queer Arrangements and Assemblages

Counter-reading and Diffraction

Ecocriticism and Ethnopoetics

Txting, Tweeting and Hashtagging

Geekery and Amateurism

Failure, Glitch and Dirt

Arting, Intersectionalities and Afrofuturism

Performativity and Wordability


FOMO is inviting Volunteers for various roles

To get involved please contact us at: