Practically Outside

Practically Outside is just a little part of FOMO – Falmouth Art Publishing Fair. To tie into the FOMO theme, it is called Practically Outside: The Emerging Artist/The Artist Emerging, and is a small survey of Falmouth School of Art alumni who are recent graduates/new alumni. It is mainly trying to bring together different approaches and responses to the situation of being an emerging artist, and how that is a situation of being practically outside, both the art world at large, and of other normalities. To be practically outside is to exist in an in-between, as such it is quite a reliant/dependent space to inhabit, one of transition, transience, confusion, anxiety, patience. And yet it is an established part of the apparent hierarchy of some art worlds, a testing ground or a stepping stone or a waiting room; this show attempts to shed some light on a peculiar situation that largely seems utterly insignificant, quietly curious, or old-hat accepted. The show will occupy the Community Gallery at Falmouth Art Gallery over the FOMO weekend, and throughout October. As well as the physical work on display, there will be an accompanying, free zine for anyone interested in what they are looking at.

The show will feature work by:
Mair Cook
Joe Fenwick-Wilson
Joel Hayden
Sophie Malpas
Polly Maxwell
Rosie McGinn
William Myles-Thomas
Nicholas Popham
Samuel Rump
Ellinore Robertson-Walker
Tom Stockley
Tabitha Tolhill-Reid
Ak Waara