Live Broadcast youtube Chat Show with Zarina Muhammad and Ami Clarke

Broadcasting live from FOMO, and over the Art Licks Weekend, from Banner Repeater, we will join Zarina Muhammad (artist, writer, White Pube) in discussion with Ami Clarke (artist, writer, Banner Repeater).

They will be discussing Zarina’s new Banner Repeater Un-Publish commission and writing residency, where through discussion with further participants during the live broadcast chat show, and following workshops, questions are asked about what it means to write via twitter:

Twitter as archive/twitter as sketchbook/as feedback loop/as void/as filesharing network/as an instrument of collaboration/as a megaphone/as therapy. (Zarina Muhammad)

Art Licks Weekend. 2017/map/

“i don’t keep a sketchbook, i don’t have a studio, i just tweet about my thoughts and my art and it is often the start and the end of my works.

“For 7 days i will be hosting 7 guests and discussing the potential Twitter has to be a discursive space, to play host to a new and more unstable form of writing // speech. The uncomfortability it can have, the awkwardness of speaking publicly n that specific way, but also the way it provides a softer landing for some sometimes. How do u feel about it all? my 7 guests are all writers, artists or twitter dons, these are all people i see on my newsfeed, in my ‘here’s what u missed’ section and this is painfully subjective.

“For ArtLicks weekend i will be speaking to Ami Clarke about the project itself and rethinking and analysing our conversation around what we’re trying to do by doing this; and Gabrielle de la Puente co-collaborator as the White Pube, and we will be speaking about the way we share a twitter account, and use twitter (and instagram) as a space to talk critically about art in a looser, less formal, but still as critical, a way. This is about mapping the way I (as an artist, writer, and wannabe twitter don) navigate this space and pick at behaviours i’ve normalised, like a scab.”

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