Give ourselves up

Give ourselves up invites you to adapt and alter a 12” vinyl album cover and exhibit this at FOMO as part of a collection of re-designed, fan-made record sleeves / cover art. FOMO’s themes can act as inspiration for adapting your selected album sleeve: Mend, Repair and Erotic Hot-Wiring; Disobedience and Dissent; Queer Arrangements and Assemblages; Counter-reading and Diffraction; Ecocriticism and Ethnopoetics; Txting, Tweeting and Hashtagging; Geekery and Amateurism; Failure, Glitch and Dirt; Arting, Intersectionalities and Afrofuturism; Performativity and Wordability.


The album sleeve you choose to adapt is entirely your choice. Your intervention may be a minimal adjustment or an entire reworking of the original album art – it may be your response to a specific record you own, treasure, love, hate or something more random from a junkshop find. The collection of adapted sleeves will be composed of contributions by the participants of the Falmouth Art Publishing Fair, their friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, students and staff of Falmouth University – so do invite anyone you feel would enjoy the project!

The sleeves will be displayed for the duration of FOMO, and the record collection played as a soundtrack to FOMO and used as part of a performance on Saturday evening (30th September). All adapted albums will be for sale on Sunday 1st October.



Please let us know via email ( that you will be participating in the project (also do invite friends to participate), then:

1. Choose your album to adapt (if you are stuck we’ll send you one – get in touch by email).

2. Adapt the cover

3. Bring to FOMO and hand in at the art gallery on Friday 29th September or post in advance (to arrive by Thursday 28th).


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions via email:

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