Experimenting with Language – Workshop with Aaron Kent

1. I will demonstrate my made up language ‘Nakjarnorkiman’ which is soon to see a full-length poetry collection and a novel, as well as a dictionary. I will read some of the poems, and explain how the language works and how it is translated, as well as the reason for its creation. I will then help others to write Nakjarnorkiman poetry – which can be featured on my Poetic Interviews site if they wish.

2. I will then showcase writers who experiment well with language – such as E E Cummings, Mark Z Danielewski, Luke Kennard, and Max Porter.

3. Finally I will show participants my book Subsequent Death and how it works with language and structure. We will attempt to subvert common structures in poetry – such as layout – and write poems in a unique way.

Workshop Duration: 90 minutes.

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