Acrostic Fanzine Workshop

Making an acrostic fanzine is a process of meditation on your subject of choice; a celebrity, a band, a writer etc. An acrostic poem takes each letter of a word, or in this case the name of your chosen subject, and makes a word for each letter in the name, resulting in a slim poem down the side of the page. An a4 page folds down into an 8 page zine. This means the potential for up to 8 acrostic poems.

The process of choosing words is done using cut-up. Choosing a word for each letter of your subjects name requires repeating their name, often letter by letter, almost as if in a mantra, filling your head with that person. Whilst a traditional fanzine was used to share information and love of its subject, in an acrostic fanzine the fan exercises their fandom in the act of devotion of searching through papers, magazines, for the right words to put into your poem. Of carefully cutting them out and sticking them down. These can be words that reflect how you feel about the person, that describe the person, or just words that jump out at you.

The end result is a little books of poems in homage to your subject of choice.

The acrostic fanzine combines everything that the history of zine culture involves: being a fan, taking the time and care to cut, stick and compose something which can be photocopied and disseminated in the hopes of sharing knowledge and forming bonds.

The acrostic fanzine also aims to speak to the cult of celebrity and the mega-fandom in the contemporary. The elevation of the celebrity to an almost godlike, idolatry or at least, presidential status. It acknowledges, to some extent, the ridiculousness of what it is to be a fan, as well as using fandom as a way to harness concentration and productivity. What is the role of the of the fan and the fanzine today?

The workshop requires:




collage materials like magazines and newspapers

tables for working on

extras could include computer and printing facilities for sourcing images of the chosen subjects but this is not a necessity. There is the option of drawing pictures as well as the pure joy in finding an image of your subject in the collage materials.

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