Atlantic Press

At Atlantic Press, we create bespoke works of graphic literature which respect the artists’ personal voice: their ideas, their pictures and their words: We call this ‘authorial illustration’. Our books present imaginative ideas or tell intriguing stories, and are often illustrated for an adult audience, or designed to appeal to an audience of all ages. We are an independent press, mostly publishing first books by authorial illustrators. Associated with the Masters course in authorial illustration at Falmouth University, Atlantic Press seeks to promote new authorial illustration talent, as well as recognising existing practitioners in the illustration field. We work closely with the artists, allowing them authorial freedom; our role being to support their personal imaginative vision. Atlantic Press is run by illustrators and educators and we aim to publish innovative picture books which display the highest literary and visual standards. In so doing, we want to encourage illustration to be a developing practice and not just a repetitive commodity. We want illustrators to be enterprising, and most importantly, we want to contribute to a cultural shift whereby intelligent illustrated books become popular with the general book-buying public.





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